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Fighting Lung Cancer – Saving Lives Through Screening and Early Detection

Founded in 2013 by lung cancer patients, Lung Cancer Research Council’s mission is to save lives through lung cancer screening and early detection. Our organization is run 100% by volunteers who want to positively impact lung cancer survivorship. As a result, every dollar donated goes to funding our mission.

Lung Cancer Screening

Early detection saves lives, and Lung Cancer Research Council is dedicated to the promotion of lung cancer screening for early detection. Thus, our goal is to increase accrual rates for patient screening among current and former smokers. We work with community partners and the public to encourage regular screenings for those who may be at risk for developing lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Research

We are dedicated to raising awareness about the lack of funding for lung cancer research. Lung cancer claims more lives than breast, prostate, colorectal and kidney cancers combined. However, it receives the least funding for research of all these cancers. Research has been the catalysts for improvements in the screening, diagnosis and treatments of other cancers. As a community, we must do the same for lung cancer and raise money to support quality research projects that will make a difference.

Lung Cancer Programs and Support

Each of our volunteers have been personally impacted by lung cancer. Therefore, they understand what it’s like and want to make a difference. We do so by engaging with lung cancer survivors, family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers. By disseminating information through digital resources and partnering together, we can improve outcomes for lung cancer patients. It’s all about increasing awareness about risk factors, screening and the need for more research.

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How to Make a Difference

Your commitment to work with us will improve the lives of many people in our community. Annually in November we host the Southwest Florida Lung Cancer 5k in Port Charlotte, Florida. The proceeds support our mission. Now entering its fifth year, the 5k has raised over $200,000 to benefit lung cancer research programs. We also host the Celebrate Life Social for cancer survivors. These events raise awareness about the importance of screening and early detection and funds for research, special programs and community education and outreach efforts.

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