Millions at risk for lung cancer are eligible for screening.
Screening and early detection SAVES LIVES.

Lung cancer kills 426 people every day—approximately 18 deaths each hour, or 1 death every 3.5 minutes. The five-year survival rate for lung cancer is 17.7%, among the lowest for all types of cancers. Early detection saves lives—survival rates are five times higher when lung cancer is detected early, but most cases are not diagnosed until later stages. If only half of the high-risk population were screened, more than 15,000 lives could be saved.  15,000 lives could be saved.

To build public awareness of lung cancer—the number 1 cancer killer of men and women—— the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE initiative has partnered with the Ad Council and ad agency Hill Holliday to launch the first national public service advertising (PSA) campaign to educate Americans about a lung cancer screening for those at high risk. This potentially lifesaving low-dose CT scan can detect lung cancer in the early stages, before symptoms arise, when more treatment options are available and the chances of survival are higher.

The TV PSA features a former smoker climbing to the top of a vast mountain of cigarettes and ash; this is symbolic of the effort it takes an individual to quit smoking. After conquering the addiction and proactively taking the extra step to get screened for lung cancer, viewers will see the tagline, “You stopped smoking. Now start screening.”
Individuals at high risk are encouraged to visit, where they can take the online lung cancer screening eligibility quiz and find additional information on the campaign and lung cancer.