Anyone with lungs can develop lung cancer.


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It is a disease that claims more lives than breast, prostate, colon and kidney cancers COMBINED, making it the leading cause of cancer deaths. Over 158,000 lives are lost to this devastating disease each year. Despite this, lung cancer research remains underfunded. The lack of research funding dramatically slows the progress for developing new treatments and saving lives.

The fact is that 1-in-13 men and 1-in-16 women will be diagnosed with the disease; only 16 percent will survive 5 years beyond their diagnosis.

Tobacco Effects

Visit this site for an eye-popping, interactive view of the effects of tobacco on the human body:

Lung cancer matters to everyone. There are an estimated 70 million former smokers in the United States who kicked the habit and have done the right thing for their health. Many people quit smoking decades ago.  Yet, 15 percent of those former smokers are at high risk of developing lung cancer sometime during their lifetime.  That’s 14 million Americans who could die prematurely from lung cancer if progress does not come soon.

The focus of the Lung Cancer Research Council is to increase public awareness and understanding about lung cancer and to promote screening and early detection in order to save lives.