Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in America, yet gets less research funding than other major cancer groups.

Your donations and participation can help change this!

Donate Dollars, support a team or dedicate to a loved one

Help us meet our 2015 goal of $100K by donating, ordering a memorial sign for a loved one, or supporting a team in the 2015 Run/Walk Event on November 7th. To donate to the 2015 Run Walk Event, visit the Run/Walk website at

Your donation will help save and extend lives by supporting programs for public awareness and understanding about lung cancer, as well as promoting screening and early detection.

To make a donation online using your credit/debit card, click the “Donate” button below. If you prefer to donate by mail, please print & fill out this form. We are grateful for your support!

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Volunteer Your Time

We are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization! Our mission is to increase public awareness and understanding about lung cancer and to promote screening and early detection in order to save lives. Our goal is to operate the Lung Cancer Research Council with as much Volunteer help as possible.

CONTACT US HERE if you are interested in getting involved.

Many of the jobs will be on the Run/Walk event day – everything from decorating the venue with balloons and signs to passing out shirts, goodie bags and participant check-in. We are now looking for volunteers who may be able to assist with clerical tasks and event preparation.

It’s FUN! And it’s for a great cause!


The Lung Cancer Research Council seeks to engage lung cancer survivors, family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers in SW Florida. The opportunity to partner together will help in advancing lung cancer awareness and understanding about lung cancer and to promote screening and early detection in order to save lives.

From contributions to in-kind services, there is something for everyone in Charlotte County to be able to help our neighbors fight the ravages of lung cancer. Read more about sponsorship opportunities.

“Living with Lung Cancer – My Journey”
by Thomas E. Cappiello

Living with Lung Cancer bookThomas Cappiello was diagnosed with inoperable Stage IIIA locally-advanced adenocarcinoma (Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer), an incurable disease. This book is the inspirational story of how he beat the odds and survived and thrived in the face of this devastating illness. This book is for patients and caregivers who want to know what life is like after getting a cancer diagnosis.

The story is about overcoming the emotional turmoil and devastation of a cancer diagnosis, dealing with the disease, and making choices. Most of all, it’s about living a full life each day. Cancer patients suddenly realize that time is a precious gift from God and there is no time to waste.

By telling his story Cappiello seeks to inspire cancer patients to fight hard and live, with whatever time they have, with renewed purpose and energy. The journey is different for everyone, but no matter the stage of disease, this book aims to give cancer patients hope for living a cancer-free future.

Book for Sale from the Author

Th. Cappiello is a well-known writer in Florida on the subject of lung cancer. He is offering signed copies of his book, “Living with Lung Cancer – My Journey,” in soft-cover for $20. Proceeds will go to the Lung Cancer Research Council.

Purchase Here